Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network Is…

A statewide mutual aid system that is available to all public works agencies. This system allows for mutual aid and support during natural or man-made disasters. The system operates by coordinating personnel and resources when needed for those who require assistance. IPWMAN is composed of hundreds of member agencies that are committed to working together during times of crisis. It is a reliable way for Illinois public works agencies to collaborate and help each other in times of need.

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of IPWMAN, in the spirit of intergovernmental cooperation, to develop and maintain a statewide network of public works related agencies whose principal purpose is to provide mutual aid response and recovery assistance to each other when confronted with natural or man-made emergencies and disasters.

IPWMAN Mutual Aid Agreement Highlights

  • Authority is provided under Illinois law
  • One standard non-exclusive mutual aid agreement is signed by each member agency
  • Self-renewing after the first year with payment of dues
  • Response is ALWAYS voluntary
  • There is no charge to the requesting agency for the first five days of mutual aid response
  • If state or federal funds become available, some of the IPWMAN response costs may be reimbursable
  • You must join IPWMAN before a disastrous event to be eligible for mutual aid assistance from IPWMAN (possible exceptions are declared as state or federal disasters)

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